OUR gang wars

OUR gang wars

“Prison Gang Wars is the game of managing a prison gang in the cutthroat world of maximum security prisons. Prison gangs are more than just a band of thugs, they are the government of the prison underworld. Prison gangs provide everything from smuggled contraband to hidden cellphones to protection. When a gang controls an area of the prison, they control all the activity in that area such as tattooing and dealing. A gang which can maintain control not only forms the government of that area but makes lucrative bank of these activities, simply by virtue of having the force to maintain that control.

“Fear and respect go hand in hand, they’re two side of the same coin: power
– Zero zero zero

“But all power has its price. Standing up in a fight, even against superior numbers is the price of respect. If you’re caught in a fight by the guards, then you will likely be spending time in the SHU (solitary). This kind of conflict attracts attention from the guards, which can cause major problems if your gang is currently stashing contraband. The times between dealing and fighting must be balanced. No-one said it would be easy.

“Based on real world principles of prison life, Prison Gang Wars is designed to be as gritty as possible and still be a playable game. Even if you lose a fight, as long as you stand up you still gain respect. Running away loses respect. It is up to the player to navigate these uncertain waters and decide if a gang war is best resolved with negotiation or with blood. We packed in as much smuggling, making shivs, stashing goods in the toilets and bribing the guards as we could. Books such as Skarbek’s Social Order of the Underworld, Colton Simpson’s Inside the Crips, Harvey Seidel’s Prison Life in Missouri and many more were carefully read and digested, then crafted into the game.

“The look and feel of the game is comic book style. There are not enough games out there with this style, and we at Black Halo Games love our comics! All the 3d backgrounds and furniture are hand drawn comic book elements making Prison Gang Wars not only a dark gritty game, but also a work of art.

“We hope you have as much fun playing it, as we did making it!”

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